• Control pests and fertilize through your sprinkler system
  • A cleaner, greener approach to landscape care
  • Prevent rust staining caused by iron in your well water

Apple Valley Irrigation installs ProFeeder™ Stow n’ Flow systems for customers who want to fertilize their lawn and landscape while they water. The ProFeeder™ is capable of dispensing insect repellent and RidORust as added bonuses.

The ProFeeder™ is a precision liquid injection system that automatically fertilizes your entire landscape and repels pests through the sprinklers as you water. The ProFeeder™ feeds the landscape in small, consistent doses which provides the precise amount of nutrients exactly when they’re needed. This feeding pattern is better for the environment as it eliminates excess run-off.

Benefits of the ProFeeder™:

  • Repels disease carrying pests
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • No harmful chemicals or poisons
  • Eliminates fertilizer run off, a major cause of excess nutrients in lakes and rivers
  • Breaks the feast or famine cycle of ordinary dry fertilizers
  • Promotes greater root development for healthier plants
  • Eliminates fertilizer burn on plants
  • EPA exempt pest repellants
  • Applies a rust stain preventer to protect your hardscapes from ugly staining