Apple Valley Irrigation was started in the hopes of creating a one-of-a-kind service experience for the customer. We build honest and friendly relationships with our customers and our employees. We utilize the latest technology to further enhance the customer experience. Nowadays the biggest concern we all have as homeowners, when hiring an irrigation contractor, is whether the irrigation contractor will be trustworthy and competent. “Will they do a good job and will they keep my best interests in mind?” is the question we all ask ourselves when hiring a contractor. Time and money are in short supply these days and having either wasted can really sour an experience. No one is perfect but having the integrity to own your mistakes and offer the customer coverage plus a future discount helps our employees feel empowered to do what is right by the customer and enables our customers to feel confident in placing their trust in Apple Valley Irrigation. This in turn strengthens our relationships with both our customers and employees. We do not try to nickel and dime our customers for every moment we are on the property. Our focus is the TOTAL SATISFACTION of our customers.

To build relationships with our customers we are very careful to ensure a low customer to employee ratio. When workflow allows we will send the same technician to your property each time allowing them to become more familiar with you and your property and for you to become more familiar with the technician. The technicians’ focus is to provide the highest quality workmanship and to empower the customer through information. They achieve this by taking the time to treat each property as if it were their own and to teach the customers how to maintain the system themselves. For customers who prefer a hands off approach they will simply explain what has gone into the work and why. With an average of over 15 years of experience in the plumbing and irrigation industry each person putting boots on the ground has the knowledge and experience to do the job the customer expects and more. Allotting an appropriate amount of time for each customer visit helps the technicians focus on the task at hand and not feel the pressure of being overloaded and over scheduled. It also allows us to offer narrower appointment windows saving you time and aggravation.

Creating close relationships with our employees is equally important. Happy employees translate into happy customers. Apple Valley Irrigation provides its employees with the latest tools and training to keep them at the top of their game. Maintaining an appropriate employee to customer ratio lowers the stress of having too much work for a given day. This frees the technicians up to take their time and perform the desired services to the best of their abilities. The technicians are also authorized to make judgment calls in the field in regards to warrantable items and labor time. We do not allow misinformation to the customer to “protect the company image”. We host regular family style gatherings with our employees and do whatever we can to provide them the time they need to maintain a healthy family life.

Apple Valley Irrigation was created on the idea there must be a better way. Our values are centered on creating and providing employment, offering a “contractor in the family” type of service to our customers and an outlet with which to pursue our philanthropic interests.