An Apple Valley Irrigation system installation will be expertly designed to meet your specific needs in the most efficient way possible. Whether you desire an irrigation system to alleviate the hassle of hand watering your garden, planting beds, lawn or any combination thereof, Apple Valley Irrigation will custom design your new sprinkler system to fit your needs. Each sprinkler head will be custom outfitted with location specific nozzles to equalize the watering output to the covered areas. Each zone will be custom constructed and laid out in a way that optimizes its use based on the specific drying factors for different areas of your property. Check valves will be installed in each sprinkler head to help ensure there is no water loss between watering cycles. Pressure regulators and appropriate nozzle sizing yield larger water droplets and less water loss due to misting caused by over pressurization. All of these factors increase your systems efficiency and savings for the homeowner leading to the customers TOTAL SATISFACTION.


Traditionally irrigation companies have had their way of building an irrigation system based on what products they prefer to work with when installing and/or servicing a system. When receiving quotes for a new sprinkler system, customers are offered a specific type of product for a predetermined price. Apple Valley Irrigation is breaking the mold by offering the customer options for the different components of their new irrigation system. Customers will be able to choose from different levels of functionality and durability enabling the customer to choose what type of system best suits their needs. We will make our recommendations based on the specific application, and no it will not always be the most expensive, but ultimately the choice should be yours. We feel it is our obligation to educate you, the customer, so you can make an intelligent and informed decision.